Providing quality service since 1967

Vasco Asphalt Company was founded in 1967. Mike Vinton purchased Vasco Asphalt Company from his brother, Dan Vinton, in 2000. Mike is currently the company president.

Over the years there have been many great people that came to work for the company. They all shared a strong resolve to be the best at what they did. All of them were extremely loyal to the company and share in the credit for the outstanding reputation that Vasco Asphalt Company has in the marketplace and community today.

Vasco Asphalt Company experienced significant growth through the years, and commercial work had become a significant part of our growth. During these growth years, the recreational work was also a favorite of Mike Vinton. Along with the exceptionally skilled and talented team members at Vasco Asphalt Company, Mike cast the vision for the company to become the leader in the recreational construction marketplace.